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Gazprom energyGazprom is a global energy company that opened its doors in 1993. Gazprom specialises in the sale of gas. They explore new areas and locations to provide for businesses across the world. The energy company is the holder of the biggest natural reserve of gas in the world. It is also the only company that explores liquified gas from Russia. As well as this, Gazprom has a massive gas transmission network that expands over 168 thousand kilometres.

The suppliers aim to be a source of gas that is both reliable and efficient. Although, gas is not the only fuel that the company provides. It is also an excellent source and seller of oil. The business exports gas to Russia and thirty other countries across the globe.

As one of the top four oil producers in Russia, Gazprom is always looking to expand their horizon. In the next few years, Gazprom wants to be one of the world’s biggest energy suppliers. It will do this by working towards the greatest potential possible and exploring new ways to bring energy to consumers. They are already number one in the world for generating thermal energy.

Compare Business Energy

Gazprom For Business

For businesses, Gazprom offers fixed energy contracts that are between one and five years. These fixed contracts are designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The company refers to this option as shield business gas because it protects customers from higher rates.

For bigger businesses, the company offers tailored energy contracts. These can be shaped for the specific needs and requirements of the company in question. Companies on these contracts are typically spending over £8000 per year on energy costs.

Business owners can get their electricity from this supplier as well. To make things easier, electricity energy contracts are offered for one or two years at fixed rates. Although, the way the resource is used could affect the type of plan offered.

Gazprom began offering gas to business customers in late 2006 and then followed with electricity three years later. The business offers a wide range of benefits. They have carbon management and renewable electricity possibilities. Businesses that use Gazprom can expect clear and accurate billing with excellent customer services. Plans are cost effective, and Gazprom is always looking towards the future. They put a lot of funding into innovative ideas, designed to benefit business owners across the world.

Compare Business Energy

How To Switch To Gazprom?

If you want to know whether switching to Gazprom could benefit your business, we can help. You just need to call Business Utilities UK on 0344 770 2345 or email We’ll be happy to provide you all the information that you need to make an informed choice. The main reason for switching your energy supplier is to save money and reduce costs. That’s the aim we have for our customers. We want to make sure you are getting the best energy supply for your money

Switching to Gazprom may be the answer. Particularly, if you want an energy provider that is always focussed on innovation.

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